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    V lock connectors are designed specially for joining the mining chain in vertical plane of the chain only ,without directly engaged with the sprocket which may cause abrasion. This kind of connector can be fitted with chain connector in Grade 100 and leads the longer work life

     帕森斯34×126 V型鎖式接鏈環拉伸性能與DIN22258標準比較

    Elongation properties’ Diagram presenting Comparative standard between ours and DIN22258


    V lock connector mechanical properties


    Size and weight


        這種接鏈環只可垂直使用,其外形大小符合DIN 22258 part 3標準要求,并經過精心設計,以確保與配套鏈輪的配合。   “V型鎖”接鏈環的重量比其它類型接鏈環較輕。V型鎖式接鏈環裝配一定要注意裝配方向,保證箭頭方向與傳動方向一致。

        V lock connectors have benn designed specially for joining together  Mining chains of either round like compact con-figuration .the tensile and fatigue performance is particularly impressive and has been achieved by careful selection of raw material and heat treatment during the manufacruring process.

         the connectors which are for use in the vertical plane only are produced dimensionally in accordance with DIN22258 part 3 and are extremely sprocket  friendly where these have been designed with this specification in mind.

         V lock connectors are lighter in weidht compared with the equivalent chainlock connector .Notice the direction when link the Vlock connector with the chain .Keep the arrow in the connector align with the direction of the transmission.

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